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Angelle M. Gerl


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Practice Areas 

Driver Licenses and the DOL

Experienced in administrative law and the nuances of working the with DOL regarding Driver License issues.  Suspended License?  Call Now.

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Criminal Defense

With years of experience in criminal law, Angelle has the knowledge and skills that you can truly trust.  If you're facing criminal charges, this office will protect your rights and provide excellent representation.

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Civil Litigation

Whether a contract dispute, lawsuit, eviction, or even a speeding ticket, Angelle Gerl will represent you all the way to the courthouse.

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The Law Office of Angelle Gerl, PLLC is a general practice firm in Spokane, Washington. This office provides excellent representation in all stages of your legal battle.  Whether dealing with criminal charges, a contract dispute, landlord-tenant evictions, or another legal issue, Angelle can help.  A decision to hire Angelle Gerl can make the difference in your case.  Call for a consultation.

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